Industrial / Commercial at H&H Marine Electrical 

H&H holds CompEx 1-4 qualifications to work in hazardous areas, including explosive atmospheres such as fuel depots, airport, filling stations and MOD sites; anywhere where there are dangerous substances including solvents, paints, varnishes and flammable gases. We work with clients to ensure that their electrical installations within hazardous areas follow the IEC standards/ ATEX Directives. We can inspect, test, install and provide regular and reactive maintenance schedules to ensure your facility is safe, compliant with legislation and future proof.

We can design, install and commission new systems or repair and maintain existing systems on any industrial / commercial environment the following areas:

  • Power Generation
  • New Power Supplies
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting
  • PLC Systems 
  • Cable Management 
  • Electrical Testing
  • AC Motors
  • Control Systems
  • Quarry Installations
  • Drilling Equipment 
  • Mining Equipment 
  • Electro-Hydraulic Systems